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10-Week Virtual

Winter Series

Times are different and we've never done this before, but here we go... following up our Fall Series, we're here to put on the FIRST-EVER Good Times Winter Series! We're back with 10-weekly challenges, an expanded running window (Sun-Wed) and a BRAND-NEW Snowman Mylie finishers medal for all those dedicated runners completing the entire 10-week series! Plus, if you earn your Mylie we'll throw in an ugly sweater Koozie too!


Best of all, it's still all virtual. So whether you're here in New England, Tennessee, California, or across the globe... you can join in on all the fun!

Series Info

Winter Series - it's s-NO-w Problem!

Plan Your Route  //  Lace 'Em Up  //  Run Your Race  //  Collect the Mylie

Why not just complete the quartet and run in our winter series too! The 10-week series will start on Sunday, December 6th. Each week we will have a different challenge or theme, these are a fun way to still hand out weekly awards, but they are completely optional and not required for participation. All you need to do it plan your own 5K route, lace up those running shoes, complete the weekly 5K, submit your results, and you're well on your way to the first-ever Winter-inspired Snowman Mylie, if you complete all 10 weeks! Also, if you earn your Mylie, we'll throw in an ugly sweater Good Times koozie!

Here's how it will work:

Sign up to register for the 2020 Virtual Winter Series.  If you register after 12/9/2020 you will not be eligible for the Snowman Mylie medal & koozie, but can still win weekly prizes!

Join the 'Good Times Series' Club on Strava to stay connected and cheer on other Good Times runners. 


**Expanded Running Time**  Run outside, run inside, hit the road or the treadmill. Plan your route and run the weekly 5K anyday Sunday through Wednesday of that week (Week 1 is December 6-9)


Submit your weekly results before 11:59pm each Wednesday night online at >>


Weekly results and challenge award winners will be announced on Friday mornings. Results from all weekly 5K's will be available on the iResultsLive platform and weekly challenge award winners will be announced on the Good Times 5K Series Facebook page.

Is it different? Yes. Will it be just as fun? Absolutely... and a side benefit, if you used to run the Good Times Series, but moved away, it's time to run it again! Remember to share your photos throughout the series on social media by using #WinterGoodTimes20




Included with your registration...

//  Complete all 10 weeks & earn your 2020 winter-inspired

      edition Snowman Mylie medal, and Ugly Sweater Good Times koozie!

//  Fun and unique challenges each week with your

     chance to win weekly prizes!

//  Expanded running time! Now run your weekly 5K any

     day Sunday-Wednesday or race week!

//  5K results published each week on iResultsLive

//  Run from anywhere and track your progress with our Good

      Times Series Strava club

//  Downloadable PDF race bib you can print-at-home, and more!


Shop our Winter Series merch!

Instead of just your standard old event shirt, why not pick your own merch. We have set up an entirely new storefront that offers you a wide selection of Good Times themed winter merchandise! Check out our full store and shop for your Good Times swag! - SHOP HERE!

** All orders will be shipped to you directly from the printer.

5K Schedule


So what do we do for Winter themes and challenges? We'll be brining back some favorites from the spring and summer series. These weekly challenges are simply to add a sense of competition as we will be awarding prizes to lucky runners.. You can pick and choose which challenges you'd like to do, as they are not required to earn your Snowman Mylie.


All runs must be completed between Sunday and Wednesday of race week and results submitted before 11:59PM on Wednesday night.

Week 1  //  Dec. 6-9

Season of Giving Run


We start the series by getting your run in and giving back. Run to the grocery store to buy some canned goods, run to the food bank to drop off some donations, whatever you do let's kick off the Winter Series by giving back. Show us how you got your run in and gave back!​

Prizes awarded to our five (5) favorite/most unique photos using #WinterGoodTimes20 on social media.

Week 2  //  Dec. 13-16

8K's of Hanukkah


8K=4.97 miles, so let's call it 5 miles. Your challenge this week is to run 5 miles, either in one run, or split it up over a few. When inputing your results let us know if you took the 8K challenge, of if you just completed your weekly 5K. You'll still get Mylie credit if you only do a 5K distance.

Prizes awarded to five (5) randomly selected runners who completed the 8K challenge.

Week 3  //  Dec. 20-23

Santa is Coming to Town


And all of us are busy decorating their houses all around the country. Think of this as the 'Say What?' scavenger hunt challenge, but with holiday decorations! Snap those photos/videos of the most decked out houses you run by.

Prizes awarded to our five (5) favorite/most unique photos using #WinterGoodTimes20 on social media.


Week 4  //  Dec. 27-30

12 Days of Ugly Sweaters

We're giving you a break after your Christmas hangover this week. So what's the challenge? Dress up in your favorite ugly sweater and see how far you go run in just 12-minutes and 12-seconds in the 12th month of the year!​

Prizes awarded to our five (5) favorite/most unique photos using #WinterGoodTimes20 on social media.

Week 5  //  Jan. 3-6

Hangover Hustle


It's probably been a few rough days trying to recover celebrating saying goodbye to 2020 and good riddance to one of the worst years we've seen. Now - let's start 2021 by running our 5K and showing us your post-run beverage selection. Post a pic and you could win a gift certificate from one of our great local brewery partners!

Prizes awarded to our five (5) favorite/most unique photos using #WinterGoodTimes20 on social media.


Week 6  //  Jan. 10-13

Polar Plunge!

Shorts, tanktops, swimsuits, and dare I say bikinis in January?! This week we're challenging all our Good Timers to suit up like it's 95 degrees out and get in your 5K. You don't have to run and jump into the ocean, just do your 5K, but if you do - kudos to you!

Prizes awarded to our five (5) favorite/most unique photos using #WinterGoodTimes20 on social media.

Week 7  //  Jan. 17-20

Snow Mile... sNOw Problem


Wait until it snows and lace up those shoes. Here's hoping that Mother Nature cooperates with us! This week wait until the snow starts and let's see you push for a snowy mile! Or for our warmer climate friends, run a mile on the beaches! Just have some fun with this one-mile challenge

Prizes awarded to five (5) randomly selected runners who completed this week's challenge!


Week 8  //  Jan. 24-27

Lou's Sweatpants Run

Channel your inner Lou and bust out those sweatpants, or snowpants, as we remember our good friend, Lou. Get creative with this one and have some fun as we're flipping the script from our Polar Plunge week.

Prizes awarded to our five (5) favorite/most unique photos using #WinterGoodTimes20 on social media.


Week 9  //  Jan. 31-Feb. 3

Wear Red for a PR

We're asking you to wear red in honor of American Heart Month and aim for a Winter Series PR. To up the ante, for every runner that sets a Winter Series PR this week we'll donate $1 to the American Heart Association!

Prizes awarded to five (5) randomly selected runners who set their Winter Series PR in this week's challenge!


Week 10  //  Feb. 7-10

Super Tailgater 5K

Our Super Sunday should be pretty open this year with the Patriots where they are. But no matter who you're a fan of, let's see those football jerseys for your weekly 5K as we welcome in Super Bowl Sunday!

Prizes awarded to our five (5) favorite/most unique photos using #WinterGoodTimes20 on social media.



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